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Hey, it’s almost June! That means it’s BEA TIME!

May 25, 2015

In two days, I will be in New York City at BookExpo America, basically one of my favorite things to do. Again, I’ll be going it alone–but with shoulder surgery coming up, I’ve been allowed the use of a rolling bag, so that’s a figurative and literal weight off my shoulders. Given that it looks like BookCon is eating BookExpo (is this still supposed to be the last year?), it’s no surprise that I’m looking at the guest list and not feeling it. As a return attendee, I’ve already met a lot of these authors. I’m mostly in it for the free books this year, and also a chance to see my friend’s new baby. I hope new baby doesn’t keep me up all night.

So: bag post coming soon, I think.

Meanwhile, I’ve had my head in my tablet–again figuratively–with Marvel Unlimited. Oh, the things I have read! I will make a post about them soon, because I don’t want to not talk about them, and we all know if I miss writing in a week, I’ll probably miss writing for a few weeks. It’s all about sitting down and actually doing it. Today would be a wonderful day to do catch-up if not for the guilties I get for blogging rather than getting together yet another cover letter for another job application.

But it is almost the middle of the year, and my lowered expectations have really helped a lot: I’ve already met my one hundred-book goal for the year. I’ve been putting in the Unlimited reads as their trades (and trying to read whatever the trade says it has in it), so that put me over the top. One less thing to stress about.

When you factor in the September and October reads from 2014, I’m at 19 of 20 new books, and BEA always gives me enough galleys to ensure that will be fine even without the new added-months goal-stretch. Where I’m lagging a little are my “JRI” books: Just Read It. It’s a cute name my friends and I came up with a few years ago when we were looking to motivate ourselves to read more of what we had at home unread rather than the shiny new books at the library. At first, I was putting the Marvel Unlimited books under my JRI tag on Goodreads because they’re ebooks and I have until now always put my ebooks under JRI. But, unlike the books I have downloaded or purchased, when I finish a title from a streaming service like Marvel Unlimited I have created no extra space for myself, on a shelf or on my tablet. So it seemed unfair. I am at 19 of 50, but BEA books also count toward JRI, so it will be fine.

I’m going to try to be pickier about what I keep from BEA this year, although perhaps not what I pick up. After all, if it’s not something I’ll likely love, I can always pick it up at the library.

All right, it’s dinnertime here, then I’ve got to pack for BEA since I won’t be home much tomorrow. I’m only packing one book this year–okay, maybe two–but I’m hoping to come home with dozens.

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