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BEA: These are mine, mine, mine

June 2, 2015

I mean, here are some books I’m really excited to read. Oh, and a reread. Most of them are new, though.

Also, they are the only ones I got signed to me, because 1) I caught the author signing and 2) there’s no way I’m getting rid of them.

I’ve already discussed The Magicians trilogy here. There’s a show coming too, that looks pretty good.

Fairest is a prequel of sorts to Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series, which begins with Cinder, and the next book, Winter, should be coming out soon. For a series of futuristic fairy tale retellings that began with “Cyborg Cinderella fights magical Moon Witch,” it is surprisingly good and has gotten better with each book. (Although I love Scarlet best.) Fairest came our early this year, but I didn’t know about it because my library only bought Cinder this year. Sigh.

Ernest Cline wrote the amazing Ready Player One, which I love in both paper and audio forms (Wil Wheaton reading his own name is particularly funny for some reason), and this year he’s coming out with Armada, which looks to be about a Regular Guy and an Alien Invasion. The book is due out July 14th. I’ll have finished it way before that.

YA Throwdown: DC vs Marvel! Not really, but there’s a Teen Lois Lane book that came out earlier this month by Gwenda Bond, Fallout, and a Black Widow story through the eyes of a teen who needs her help  coming out in October called Forever Red. I guess I should read the Lane book first, since it’s already out. I GUESS.

Mo Willems has I Will Take a Nap coming out TODAY, and it is precious and perfect and you should get it.

August 25th is the release date of the David Levithan novel Another Day, the companion book to the absolutely wonderful Every Day, the story of a person who wakes up in a different consciousness each morning and then falls in love.

The Brad Meltzer is the third book in the Beecher White series, which I know nothing about but I love Meltzer, so I got it. He’s just a really nice guy and a good writer. I hope the other two books are at the library. It has a release date of June 16th and is called The President’s Shadow.

Jayne Ann Krentz is an old favorite from my romance-reading days, and her new book, Secret Sisters, sounds pretty good. I mostly just wanted to meet her, and this book doesn’t drop until December, so it might not get read right away. It looks much more on the thriller side of romance than her usual fare.

Richelle Mead, who I fell in love with despite wanting to with the Vampire Academy and Age of X series, has written a standalone called Soundless, inspired by Chinese folklore. The cover is gorgeous. It comes out in November. I want to read it now.

Finally, Charlie Jane Anders, the woman who brings me my nerd news as editor-in-chief of, brings us All The Birds in the Sky, which looks like a trip. It’s not due out till January. She was wearing Adventure Time shoes. 🙂

Those are just the ones signed to me!  Not even the “signed in case I don’t like them so they can go to the library” or “they go straight to the library for a Friends fundraiser” ones!

I love BEA. 🙂

(I didn’t do the Bags of BEA post yesterday because I spent a lot of time on the phone getting ready for my surgery. I’m hoping to do it today after my doctor’s appointment. Otherwise, I’m not sure when because my MIL says it’s really no big deal but the nurse made it sound like at least a little deal.)

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