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All the news and footage coming out of ComicCon may be too much for me to handle

July 12, 2015

I’m a spoilerphobe and that’s how it’s going to stay, but I do like early bits of news and teaser trailers. That means this weekend is the best for me, because at San Diego ComicCon everyone likes to give away just enough information for me to pretty much run around in circles all weekend screaming and crying.

Leaked footage is popping up and disappearing all over the internet, but here’s a few links to some of my favorite bits I’ve read and seen so far:

About 15 seconds of X-Men: Apocalypse has been leaked, and Storm’s hair is AMAZING.

I am pretty sure Deadpool said “Fuck Liefeld.” I guess we’re not worried about that R rating anymore.

Suicide Squad Harley impresses. I actually liked what little we got of Leto, too.

Batman V Superman or whatever it’s called does not look terrible in the trailer. Wonder Woman looks thin but mighty. I think the movie will seem coolish in the theater and be crappy on rewatch like Man of Steel, but we’ll see.

The animated Vixen trailer looks so, so good and it has Amell and the Flash actors doing voices!

Merida from Brave is coming to Once Upon A Time, and of course she looks very insecure (sigh), but so is Dark Swan, who looks ridiculously intriguing. See both clips here.

And while Daredevil season 2’s Punisher looks great, the important thing is JESSICA JONES AND LUKE CAGE TOGETHER AT LAST PLEASE TO HAVE MAKEOUTS

Flash season 2 trailer just dropped, and you have to go through more than half of it to get to the “new” stuff, which is pretty much voiceover but worth it. Vibe! Jay Garrick!

What else? Oh, yeah, ASH VS EVIL DEAD which, frankly, looks FANTASTIC and I’m so excited for it even though I don’t have a huge love of Evil Dead. I enjoyed the 3rd one, covered my eyes at half the second one, and that’s about it. But I love the character, I love horror comedy, and I love Bruce Campbell.

There’s lots of other stuff going on too. The CW is picking up the live-action Archie show Riverdale, and Arrow’s getting a new costume and supposedly lightening up a bit (thank God), there’s an Orphan Black twerking video going around, as well as a blooper reel (which is not that funny, but it shows how Tatiana Maslany STAYS IN CHARACTER ALL THE TIME even between takes, which is amazing and makes perfect sense.

Ant-Man in, what? A week? And it’ll be another week before I see it, I think, unless my husband gives me the okay to see it without him, which I can sort of imagine him doing because he’s so nice, but I can’t imagine me going like I did with Man of Steel because it’s a Marvel movie and therefore going to actually be good. 😛


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