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Hypocritical Nerds, or Why I’m Excited for the Fantastic Four Movie

July 29, 2015

I’ve seen trailers for the Fantastic Four movie twice in the theater now, and both times I’ve felt I was the only person in there that had a positive response to it. On the few websites where I read my news, being the spoilerphobe that I am, you’re lucky to see the occasional “I’m willing to withhold judgment till I see it”–a rare thing on the internet anyway. Mostly, it’s rant after rant on how the movie looks awful, and it’s going to tank, and blah blah blah.

The racism issue aside (although that is a Big Effin Deal and we should keep talking about it), I find this to be extremely hypocritical, given that the movie looks like a fairly faithful adaptation of the great Ultimate Fantastic Four run that started back in 2004. If the fanbase, or nerds if you will, were so thrilled to see the nods to the Ultimate universe first portrayed on the screen by Samuel L. Jackson (whose likeness was used in the comics when the movie was a twinkle in someone’s eye), why have they suddenly turned on UFF? Is it because most of them haven’t read it? Or, like many have posited, it’s just an excuse to bring out the racism?

A little from column A, a little from column B, I guess. Fans are not a monolith any more than any other group, of course, but the trailers are solid. Action, powers, some laughs, a dash of romance. The studio’s even changed the logo that fans hated so much, to a 4 tastefully behind the scenes, rather than up front, which led all of us to call the movie “Fanfourstick.” The posters still have the old logo, but both trailers I saw (I’m pretty sure they were different) had the modified logo, which looks a lot nicer.

I’m going. I’m taking my non-comics-reading friends with me. I will likely enjoy this movie, hopefully more than the bland by-the-numbers Alba/guy from Ringer version we got or its terrible cloud-villain sequel.

I realize it’s not the MCU and therefore the sun won’t shine out of its butt or whatever, but it’s Ultimate Fantastic Four on screen. That’s AWESOME that we’ve come to a place and time where making a straight-up alternate universe version of a superhero team is a legitimate thing that studios are willing to put a lot of money into. Haters gonna hate, but the average nerd should be giving this a chance. After all, if this does well, maybe we could have Red Son Superman or Golden Oldie May Parker.

…Too much?

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