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The Two-Star Reads of 2014

November 3, 2015

Still NaBlo-in’…

It’s easiest to forget the two-star books. The one-star books are unforgettable in their awfulness, and the three-star books are at least entertaining. The two-stars, however–they’re just meh.

Mary Kubica’s The Good Girl was heavily hyped at BEA and I was excited to read it. Unfortunately, all I got was a hot mess of a wannabe thriller, with poor use of chronology. That’s literally all I remember about the book. Possibly also that the “twists” were easily guessable. For fans of Lisa Scottoline, whose Think Twice suuuuper sucked.

I got a lot of #1 issues of comics at BEA last year and Pretty Deadly was one of them. I am usually a pretty big Kelly Sue DeConnick fan but I didn’t know what was going on, and wasn’t interested enough to pick up the first volume from the library until now–after which I decided not to read it because the interest wasn’t high enough to try to jam it in between NaNo write-ins.

I read Rick Remender’s Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1: The Red Shadow and I have no idea which book it was. The one where Red Skull does… something? Oh hey, Goodreads says I was right! Good for me. Yeah, I barely remember that one. Remender’s like that for me: hit or miss.

I called Michael Grant “Stephen King for kids” when I read his book Gone, but his newer series Messenger of Fear doesn’t live up to that. It sort of reminds me of my next 2-star book, R.L. Stine’s Party Games, which never hits any new ground and suffers from what feels like Fast-Writing Syndrome. (Aka “You have a deadline, popular author!” The thing which is going to kill the current J/YA popularity. Give them time to write, companies!) I could literally tell you more about Gone, which I read aaaages ago, than I can this newer one, because it was better.

Party Games is like someone put all the Fear Street books in a blender and let the chunks fall into a glass that says “New book! Nostalgia!” on it.

Finally, there was Tracy Hickman’s Wayne of Gotham. There’s never been a time that people have tried to flesh out the Waynes where it hasn’t been misguided at best, and this is no exception. It shares the Gotham trait of too much too soon when it comes to the weirdness of Gotham. It destroys the idea that Batman is at least partially the genesis of Gotham’s madness, which makes everything far less interesting.

So those were the two-stars from last year that I hadn’t already covered. Good on me!

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