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Reading the Rainbow: The ABCs of LGBT+

July 1, 2017

Being an old who doesn’t necessarily keep up with those new-fangled YouTubers and Tumblr people, I found Ashley Mardell’s The ABC’s of LGBT+ a quick, easy read that, despite poor editing, will absolutely be getting my vote for Rainbow.

This non-fiction book gives simple definitions of the various terminology used to describe sexuality, gender, romantic attraction, and so much more. Many terms come with first-hand accounts so readers can see how these terms are used in practice, not just theory. Though at times repetitious, these sections put faces and lives to the so-called “Tumblr genders” (ugh) and  help normalize what may be entirely new information to some.

My kid, a non-binary trans person themselves, thought it was well-done, but wasn’t introduced to many new terms, being involved in Tumblr discourse on sexuality and gender on the regular. I, on the other hand, was like, “Ooh, how does that work?” and “Hey, kid, can we talk about this point until I understand it better?” So this book absolutely works as a jumping-off point not only for those exploring ways of expressing identity–not, like some suggest, finding a cool, hip one or whatever–but for those who want to know and understand how, why, where, and by whom these terms are being used.

That said–and again, despite the typos (sigh)–this would be a good purchase for a library or for people who need a reference rather than putting the work on others to explain it all to them, such as family and friends of LGBTQIA+ or those, like me, who would prefer a book like this to trying to jump into the existing discourse. (Or, like me, who can’t watch a lot of videos.)

Mardell is the first to say that the book may age itself quickly, but another volume or update work would be welcome if it’s like this one. It’s a big thumbs-up from me and has given me a lot to think about in terms of how I walk through the world.


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