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My Harlequin History

Years ago, when I was in the middle of recapping The Vampire Diaries and desperately wanted to be done recapping The Vampire Diaries, I came up with the idea of rereading the Harlequins I’d owned as a tween/teenager (ages ~9 to 18) and seeing if they had any influence on the choices I’d made in my relationships.  I collected the books through various means (eBay, used bookstores, PaperBackSwap, an antique store even), and read them all through.  I found that some still held up today and some were terribly abusive and didn’t even know it.  Meanwhile, I got slower and slower with my recaps, and it was five years before I finished recapping all four books–the last year of which I believe was spent ignoring the last two chapters.  Now I can move on.

Note: My Harlequin History will contain triggers, including my person history, which contains rape and sexual assault.

In the absence of role models, media.

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